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The first time I saw one of these charts, I was a senior in high school in a Southern state where coal was king.It was revolutionary to me: how very much energy we were using! That moment was one of the reasons I went into energy engineering, and I’ve been keeping an eye on these charts ever since.Meanwhile, The Lindas have success with a stunning performance, but Victoria and Mr. Christian has a plan to declare himself to Emma, but once again Linda and Tom, with Barto's help, will ruin everything.On the other hand, the relationship between Sam and Rebecca keeps improving.If you want to make your own changes to this chart, whether by improving your energy use efficiency or generating your own energy, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Clair Hessmer, PE, CEM, is a chemical engineer by training.She frequently works with industrial energy efficiency projects, as well as boiler replacement and cogeneration feasibility studies. Alex is able to convince Joe to stay at home, although soon he will feel guilty about wanting to separating from his family. The doctor says she is pregnant and advises her not to leave.

A record producer wants to sign Alex and the gang to a contract, as long as they exclude Sam from the group as he's not cool enough. When Christian and Nicole pretend to be going together to mislead Linda, Alex realizes he's jealous. Belli has been fired and everyone is punished, especially Emma, who's grounded.The judge appreciates it and the band moves on to the next round.Nicole finds out about the story between Sam and Rebecca and, after hearing the reasons of the couple, supports them.When Emma starts going out again with Barto, she begins to perceive there is something strange.Meanwhile, Nicole begins to feel something for David and Rebecca realizes she is in love with Sam. are rehearsing for the second program of The Talent and there is a lot of tension between the members of Alex's band.

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Christian and Emma find the courage to declare each other and Emma makes the first step.

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