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- Have you ever borrowed your father's clothes? I've bought a beautiful white shirt for in a market. – We haven’t left yet, we’ve been here for several hours. They were here for quite a long time and left an hour ago. When we had lived in the country, we enjoyed fishing. I didn't know, that Nick likes to sleep on the open air. By that time, when mother had returned, we have already learned the new words. 1)I didn't know that I wouldn't be helped when I come home.

If you hadn’t been an artist, we wouldn’t have become rich. What would you do with my money if you found it (money-it)? What would you do with my money if you found it (money-it)?

I won't have been helped this work by the evening.

(Future Simple Passive in the Past) 2)He knew that she'd have been helped to finish a work by the end of the day.

It has been done under wraps ( tonight, then Present Perfect).

She says: No, this is the first time I have been to London.

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" - "have you been in NY" = "Did you ever stay in that city for any period of time?