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Back to top Chinese trains link virtually all main cities and towns in China, and are a safe, comfortable & civilised way to travel, even for families or women travelling alone.Chinese trains generally have four classes, although you won't find every class on every train: Chinese train numbers usually start with a letter, which indicates the category of train.

Or you can take a taxi, the taxi fare from central Beijing to Beijing West is around RMB 35 (4, ), allow at least 30 minutes for the taxi ride. Beijing West is large and busy, so arrive in plenty of time for your train, perhaps 40 minutes before your train leaves. When you reach the station, you enter the station through a ticket & ID check at any one of the various entrances, see the photo above.

Soft sleeper consists of spacious carpeted & lockable 4-berth compartments, with toilets & washrooms at the end of the corridor.

Note the lacy decor & flower in a vase on the tablecloth!

Immediately afterwards there's a luggage X-ray check into the departures hall. Indicator boards on the departure concourse show which train is allocated to which waiting room - here you can see G71 is allocated to waiting room 8.

There is usually at least hour between departures from a given room. You may also find departure boards showing the status of each train.

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